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After a handful of singles and EP releases since their conception in 2019, the band released their debut self-titled album in April 2022 - an 8-track celebration of love, heartbreak and self-fulfilment.


The album featured rapper Blind Mic, the legendary gospel artist Yvonne Shelton, with New Orleans cellist Gary Washington and strings by Harry Fausing-Smith of Tom Misch.

Chased with a series of remixes by Ruf Dug, Finn, and Lenzman.

Lovescene have also collaborated and released with various artists such as FINN (2BReal), Lenzman & Fox (The North Quarter) and Swing Ting.

In 2022, “Make This Right” - a collaboration with Ruf Dug on Wolf Music - was championed by names such as the late Virgil Abloh, and nominated for ‘Best Single of the Year’ at the Worldwide FM Awards in 2022.


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